Human Rights & Advocacy

Call our toll-free line: 0800225542274 and select option 1 to report cases of human rights violation.

Human Rights & Advocacy

ICARH’s Human Rights Unit is saddled with the responsibility of promoting and protecting the rights of minority groups within the Federal Capital Territory and across Nigeria, intervening in cases of human rights breach of persons based on their real or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression.

Our human rights services are focused on the following areas: Legal representation, paralegal services, documentation and monitoring, advocacy, psychosocial services, and the provision of safety and security measures to our target population.

Through our network of lawyers across Nigeria, we provide pro-bono legal services to victims of violence and discrimination based on their real or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression. Through evidence-based reporting of cases of violence of LGBTQI+ persons, ICARH engages with national, regional, and international human rights bodies to ensure that the rights of sexual minorities are recognised, protected, and promoted.

Our advocacy at the national level involves engagement with stakeholders such as the National Human Rights Commission, the Judiciary, National Agency for the Control of Aids (NACA), the Nigeria Police Force (NPF), and the media for the mainstreaming of minority sexual rights into the broader human rights discourse.

Through capacity building forums e.g. Training, meetings, focus group discussions, etc.  ICARH promotes sexual diversity, not only at the community level but also at the stakeholders level.

Recognising the importance of understanding their personal security, ICARH provides security and safety information to sexual minorities to ensure that human rights breaches are kept to a minimum.

Through our 24/7 dedicated toll-free helplines, we are able to report attacks and provide immediate assistance through all available justice systems.

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