Care & Support

Care & Support (Palliative Care) in ICARH

ICARH’s Care and Support Unit focuses on members of the key affected population especially those who are living with HIV/AIDS or other sexually transmitted diseases. Our care and support service starts from encouraging members of the key population to get tested for HIV. For clients who test negative, we provide HIV prevention options like PrEP and other safer sex commodities. Clients who are positive are placed on a comprehensive treatment therapy.

The unit serves as a custodian of clients living with HIV/AIDS. This makes us responsible for updates on their treatment progress with regards to their CD4 count and viral load as we have a database with these indicators for each client living with HIV/AIDS.

The unit also provides information and enlightenment to clients living with HIV/AIDS on how to live positively and how to adhere to treatment to get the best results. We do this through one-on-one meetings with each person on their appointment days and through a support group system specially designed for them.

We make sure clients who are placed on treatment are retained in care and are not lost to follow-up by routine phone calls and home visits. We go as far as taking drugs to the home of clients who are incapacitated and cannot visit the clinic by themselves. We also do this for our clients who travel out of the city to encourage uncompromised adherence.

Also, we cater to their psychological/mental health by doing a routine assessment of how their HIV status and treatment therapy affects their day-to-day lives.

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