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Who We Are

International Centre for Advocacy on Rights to Health – ICARH is an independent initiative registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria for the main purpose of contributing to policy issues affecting the rights of sexual minorities and PLWHAs in Nigeria, through research, analysis, training, awareness campaign development and advocacy. ICARH was established in 1999 to fill a vacuum within the civil society’s landscape.

In the area of health, ICARH works to reduce the incidence, prevalence and impact of HIV/AIDs amongst key populations. Thus, it was one of the key organizations involved in the HIV Integrated Biological and Behavioral Surveillance Survey (IBBSS) conducted in 2007 and 2010 by the Federal Government of Nigeria. The study which looked into the prevalence rate of HIV among Key Populations, including the MSM population and was conducted by the Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH) through the National Agency for The Control of AIDS (NACA). In a similar vein, ICARH also played a key role in the Presidential Comprehensive Response Plan, aimed at contributing to the National HIV/AIDS response as supported by the administration of President Good luck Jonathan.

Presently, ICARH implements HIV prevention and Palliative Care programs. These programs include the management of MSM Living with HIV (MSMLHIV) through medical research, community based HIV prevention project and ARV clinic for members of Key Affected Populations in the FCT.

ICARH also supports her target community with human rights and paralegal services to ensure the promotion and protection of the rights of sexual minorities.

Human Rights & Advocacy

ICARH’s Human Right Unit (since 2011) has handled total number of 130 cases within the MSM community ranging from: mob attack, blackmail, defilement, theft, unlawful arrest and detention, status / orientation disclosure, defamation of character, extortion, harassment, wrongful termination of employment, domestic violence, threat to life and invasion of privacy.


ICARH’s Clinic a specialized clinic for the health needs of sexual minority and other key affected population. Being a clinic for MARPS, it is specialized for health needs of Key Affected population like HIV/Aids and other STIs and also highly involved in HIV prevention.

Palliative Care and Support Groups

Sexual Health Programs

STI Prevention through Peer Education


ICARH Values

Our Mission

Improve human rights and reduce the impact of sexually transmitted infections amongst vulnerable persons, and the most at risk populations in Nigeria through research, education, training, advocacy, health care services and to advocate for human rights of sexual and gender minorities.

Our Vision

To create a reliable, efficient and accessible centre for adequate health care and ensure respect for human rights for persons irrespective of their sexual orientation and gender identity in an efficient, timely and cost effective manner with the support of a well-trained and motivated staff.


Abayomi Aka


ICARH’s Executive Director who is a lawyer, is responsible for overseeing the administration, programs and strategic plan of the organization.

Joy Etomi


She is responsible for ensuring that ICARH’s research projects, events and programs are carried out successfully.

Chukwuemeka Jude Iheanacho


He is responsible for the management of ICARH finance, and he acts as the point of contact for all ICARH staff.

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