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By, Great Omoraka

(01:55 AM)

I lie in bed, eyes shut tight.

Tis almost pitch black night,
Save for the incandescent glow from the moon,
Squeezing through dark clouds.

Sleep dancing round my eyes, taunting me.
So close I can feel her, yet so far, can’t reach her.
Her calming hypnotic spell eluding me.

All is quiet save for chirping crickets and toads,
Each, calling for a mate tonight.
The last power plant goes out…
Rapid eye movement… I blink with eyes shut…
Perhaps I can woo the caressing arms of slumber.

Mind darts… why?
Someone to speak to?
Am I the only one?
Toss ‘n turn, curl; I’m worn – none works.

Now I hear the beat of my heart
The throb as it pulsates life…

Heed oh fair one,
Soothe my weary eyes ‘n cradle my heavy head…
Or are you too lonely and seek a companion;
One to watch with you tonight while earth sleeps?
Someone to count the stars with and to restore nature as she lays in silent slumber?

Thou teaseth me, can I but heed this call… perhaps for a night,
My eyes shall see the dawning of new light with you…

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