Latest Update

Hepatitis Screening & Subsidised Vaccines now available at our facility.

The 2018 Nigeria HIV/AIDS Indicator and Impact Survey(NAIIS) report revealed that Nigeria has a Hepatitis B prevalence rate of 8.1% and Hepatitis C of 1.1%.⁠

⁠ About 19 million Nigerians live with Hepatitis B and or C, so it is important to get tested, know your status and get vaccinated.⁠

⁠ As part of our commitment to a Hepatitis-Free Future, we will be offering FREE Hepatitis screening and subsidised vaccines at our facility. ⁠

⁠ To access the service:⁠
– Visit our facility.⁠
– Call our toll-free line: 0800225542274 for further enquiries.⁠ ⁠

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