Engaging Stakeholders Project

Donor: National Endowment for Democracy (NED)
Location: Abuja and Enugu

This is a human rights and advocacy project which brought together various stakeholders to discuss ways of curtailing the alarming rate of human rights violations targeting the LGBTI communities. It included training of the stakeholders as well as documentation and follow up of cases of human rights violations. In this project, the LGBTI community members were the primary stakeholders being engaged. This was done through cyber and physical security training, including publication and dissemination of information communication materials. This was meant to give community members the tools to ensure their personal security in the highly homophobic Nigerian context. The unit also conducted legal literacy training/workshops for law enforcements agents and paid advocacy visits to various government and traditional institutions in FCT. In addition, it facilitated a Human Rights Club where community members met monthly to discuss constitutional rights and pertinent changes in the local and international policy scene with suggestions on how to better assist the affected LGBTI communities.
Under the same project, (Engaging Stakeholders) ICARH extended its reach to Enugu State where it trained the staff and volunteers of Access to Good Health Initiative (AGHI), a sister organization, and sub-granted it to carry out further trainings on human rights protections for LGBTI persons in the State. ICARH Human rights unit has trained more than 150 LGBT persons on legal literacy (both in Abuja and Enugu) since the inception of the project.
Other stakeholders such as the civil society organizations (CSOs) were also engaged through dialogue and cooperation on various projects.

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